Friday, November 28, 2008

National Listening Day Not Needed Here

My Facebook/Genea-blogger friend Miles Meyer posted a reminder on Facebook this week that today was National Listening Day. Here's an explanation from the internet: "StoryCorps....... suggest that in addition to doing your civic duty at the mall, you record someone you know talking about their lives on November 28 -- the first annual National Listening Day".(

At age 87, my dad, Ernest Margheim, is the oldest living member in my family. He was available today if I had needed to listen to him tell me the stories from his past. But I didn't need to. I'm very blessed because over the past few years Dad has written hundreds of pages filled with his first-hand account of his life. As he's corresponded with friends by email, he's copied those emails to me, and I've printed them and filled three large 3-ring binders with them. What treasures those binders hold!

And the blessings continue! Dad has recently set up his own blog "Ernie's Journeys". He'll soon be relating many of his life's stories again to all his readers. I find it awesome that he embraces new technology and utilizes his time in retirement to save those precious facts, details and stories for us and all future descendants. And he's having fun doing it!

I'll encourage him to join the Genea-bloggers Group on Facebook. You won't be disappointed if you become a "Follower".
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