Saturday, January 9, 2010

Revisiting an Ancestor's Monument

On Saturdays I eagerly await Thomas MacEntee's posting at of any new genealogy blogs that have recently been launched. Today he introduced us to a blog by Jules Maas called "Aspire, Persevere and Indulge Not".

I like the blog! The posting of January 6, shown in the screen shot above, offers a 7 minute video advertising the PBS Special "Faces of America" by Henry Louis Gates, Jr, to be shown Wednesdays, Feb 10 – Mar 3, 2010 from 8-9pm ET. I recommend that you check out this blog, watch the video, and make a note to watch the upcoming PBS special!

As I scrolled down the page to see older posts by Jules, I saw these photos:

Jules found these photos at the "Sons and Daughters of the First Settlers of Newbury, Massachusetts" site.  Included in this list of first settlers of Newbury, MA is the name Richard Bartlet, left column, 6th name down. Richard Bartlet is my 8th great grandfather. My descendancy from Richard Bartlet is as follows:

Richard Bartlett (1648-1724) + Hannah Emery (1654-1705
Daniel Bartlett (1682-1756) + Abigail Moulton (1606- )
Daniel Bartlett (1705-1786) + Alice Sargent
Stephen Bartlett (1750-1823) + Elizabeth Barnard (1754-1818)
Joseph Bartlett (1779-1868) + Abiah Cheney (1786-1851)
Elizabeth Bartlett ((1811- Bef. 1850) + Arva Phelps (1797- Aft 1870)
Elizabeth Ann Phelps (1828-1913) + Jesse Gordon Flanders (1813-1871)
Lewis C. Flanders (1849-1918) + Sarah Jane McMillan
Milo Flanders (1883-1965) + Nannie Becker (1887-1962)
Ruby Nadine Flanders (1925-1990) + Ernest Ludwig Margheim (1921 -   )
Mary Rebecca Margheim (ME)

I'm so thankful that Thomas MacEntee brings these new blogs to our attention so we can read, follow and support them. And if we get lucky, we also find some of our own family information on them as well!
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