Monday, September 29, 2008

Haircut Therapy

Last week my husband played golf with a couple of friends. In itself that's nothing special, but it's the first time he's been able to play in 17 years! That made it special. About once a month or so he's also enjoyed the company of a good friend while they've "gone fishin'". My husband works hard and always does the things I want to do with him, so I'm happy for him when he has the chance to go do fun things with his friends, exclusive of me. However......I was feeling a little "deprived" last week when Jamie went to play golf. When I mentioned to him that I never get to do fun things like that (pout, pout), he asked what it was that I'd do if I had the chance. And wouldn't you know it, I couldn't think of anything! I've been employed outside the home too long!

But today I have my answer. Get a haircut! Oh, how I love to get my hair cut if the stylist gives me a good cut. And I've been very blessed to have recently found an excellent stylist who gives the very best haircut! So today's my fun day! There's nothing like a light-hearted visit with a sweet lady while she's running her fingers through my thick hair, pulling, measuring, weighing, scoping her work. It's therapy for me. To be coddled, attended to and pampered with a good haircut is restorative to me! And today's my day! Here I come "HairSmith". Here I come Mary Sunshine!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


In 1902 my Grandma Mollie Margheim was born in Kratzke, Russia. In Canon City, Colorado my house was being built. A few blocks away, at 802 Harrison Avenue, Christ Episcopal Church was being built. I'm the Parish Administrator at that church and recently discovered, while doing genealogy research for a descendant of one of the former rectors, the identities of both the architect and the builder of the church building. They happen to also be the architect and builder of my house! The same people were involved in the design and building of my house and the church where I'm employed, all in 1902.

Yesterday as we were visiting my step-son Matt and his fiancee Lisa (see previous post), I learned that they've done research on their own home in Colorado Springs, which was also built in 1902! Coincidence! I was happy to see that someone else in our family got curious about the original owners of their house, to the extent that they researched it at their local library. Lisa and Matt made a trip to Evergreen Cemetery in Colorado Springs to find the graves of those original owners, Peter and Hannah Mortenson. As they stepped into the cemetery, the first headstone they saw was one for a member of that family, a son, Clarence Mortenson. Tonight I spent some time finding that family in the censuses for the early 1900s and have shared that information with Lisa.

So as I sat here this evening thinking of adding a new post to my blog, all I could think of was 1902! I'm amazed at how one year can have such an impact on one individual---106 years later. Next week, October 6, 2008 will mark the 106th anniversary of the birth of my Grandma Mollie Margheim. The birth of my Grandma was the best thing to happen in 1902.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Our "Matts" are getting married

It seems that events cycle in our life, but cluster together. With 7 kids and 16 grandkids, there are plenty of events going on in our family. This week (Sept 25th) we celebrated with two granddaughters who turned 5. Madalyn and Lilian were born 30 minutes apart, one in Pueblo and the other in Colorado Springs. Mattie's mom and Lily's dad are sister and brother. Talk about a clustering of births! Two new babies over a lunch hour.

No grandbabies are coming that we know of, but weddings are being planned again. What an exciting time. My son Matt will be getting married October 14th to Lucja Thomas in Jamaica! They reside in Pueblo West, CO. Today Matt emailed us their itinerary and Wedding Ceremony. We will only be there with them in love and thought and spirit, but we are excited nonetheless.

We just visited today with Jamie's son Matt who also announced a definite date for his wedding to Lisa Lamfers. They live in Colorado Springs and are making plans to get married in one year ...Sept. 26, 2009.

So more new beginnings! More weddings. And someday more Jamison grandkids!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Life is Good--I'm reminding myself

Life is Good! I've been telling myself that all day. I woke up with a bad headache, came to the office behind in my work by one day---the day I took off yesterday to move my Dad from the nursing home back to his own home (that was a long, hard day!), and had a "trying" noon hour with errands, responsibilities, challenges and disappointments.

But I'm reminding myself that life is good! My dad is home, I had a job to come to this morning---with a boss who allowed me to take the day off yesterday, and my husband got to play golf this morning (first time in at least 17 years--since I've known him)! I had aspirin to take so I got rid of my headache. My son called this morning and invited Jamie and me to join him and his daughters for pizza tonight. I was able to get Home Health Care lined up for my Dad, starting tomorrow. And I got a nice email from a step-daughter and now I know she isn't mad at me after all. Life is Good! I experienced warmth in my heart today (and goose-bumps up my arm)when I was emailed a touching story from a dear friend about the goodness of God in providing for her needs this week! And now I say not only Life is Good, but "God is Good".

Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Peace Rose

With a little help from my friends

I've had such fun recently with my profile on Facebook and have enjoyed renewing a lot of friendships. I've also gotten re-connected with a few people I'd lost touch with over the years.

I was blessed this week with a Facebook posting made by a friend from Church entitled "Attitude". Does our Heavenly Father ever have perfect timing! Today I needed the words from that posting. For the last 2 months I've been caring for my Dad as he's resided in a nursing home while recovering from a broken leg. My daily visits have been very productive, as well as rewarding and fulfilling. I'll expound on that in future blogs, but I have felt such comfort in witnessing a very positive attitude held by my Dad. Today I witnessed a "souring" of that attitude, his good spirit, and the gratitude he's been expressing. He's been negatively influenced recently by a "friend" [which he is prone to do] and I was saddened when I saw the evidence of that "friend's" negative attitude. It was a real testimony of the power of Attitude. The power it has on receptive people, the destruction a bad attitude can impose on innocent, well-meaning people.

I guess I'll have to "dig in" once again, build up my own positive attitude, and help restore an attitude in my Dad that reflects God's Grace and his Glory. Maybe in a few days we can both enjoy an attitude that reflects the Light of Christ!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Two of My Favorite Words

For my first blog post, I want to explain why I've chosen 'Grace and Glory' for the name of my blog. Simply, they are two of my favorite words. I love the name "Grace"; I love the act of Grace--to honor or favor, to give beauty, elegance or charm, to reprieve. I love the meaning of Glory: intelligence, beauty and splendor, perfect happiness, honor, praise, distinction, height of achievement. How can you beat that?

I will be talking about my life and the people in it, the thoughts I have about it, the lessons I'm learning from it, and since genealogy/family history is my passion, even those in my family who have gone before me and who have come together to make me who I am. I can reflect and recall with grace--to honor my life and family. And I can reflect and recall in Glory--remembering beauty, intelligence, happiness, and achievement. The way I see it--it all fits!

I'm just getting started, and this is my first Baby Step!