Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Some Connections Just Blow Me Away

Last night I read that New Hampshire marriage records have been updated on FamilySearch so I reviewed some of my Phelps ancestors. My 3rd great grandparents are Arva Phelps (1797-1870) and his wife Betsy Bartlett (1811-1850). I knew that Arva’s sister Mary was married to Jackson Blood and, for some reason, I spent some time tracing the ancestry of Jackson—which I had in my database. I think I was simply drawn by his name. Jackson’s 3rd great grandparents were Richard Blood and Isabel Wilkinson, as you can see on the chart above. I often prepare descendant reports in my RootsMagic file just to see who all is connected to a family. I love looking at, and studying, NAMES.
I noticed that Richard Blood had a great-granddaughter who married a Spaulding. When I saw that Spaulding name, I remembered that my (adopted) son Matt had Spauldings somewhere in his ancestry. I looked it up and found the connection, then prepared the chart above to illustrate it so I could show my husband. It shows Matt’s 5th great grandparents--Phoebe Spaulding and Martin Lamb. Phoebe’s father Josiah Spaulding is a 4th cousin of Jackson Blood, who was married to Mary Phelps, my great, great, great grandaunt!
Connections like these seem irrelevant to those who profess “We’re all related anyway”, but I don’t think along those same lines. I find relevance in these connections and it excites me to make discoveries like this. The enthusiasm that I feel is what keeps me doing the research. There’s a surprise around every corner!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Grandparents’ Wedding Portrait in COLOR


Yesterday I received, totally by surprise, the above portrait of my paternal grandparents, John and Amalia “Mollie” (Koleber) Margheim. It’s their wedding portrait from November, 26, 1920. A wonderful gentleman colorized it and shared it with me “In honor of my dear grandparents”, as he stated.

This is the original portrait that I’ve posted in my Picasa web album.


I love the colorized version! I’m grateful to M. Chance for the unexpected, but very welcomed, gift!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I’m Published in ‘True Miracles with Genealogy’

“This book (compiled by Anne Bradshaw) is a collection of inspiring research stories, spiritual moments as help comes from beyond the veil. Each account is unique. Each is a miracle. Each will inspire readers as they come to the heady realization that genealogy is powerful, and there really is a world of spirits. Heaven is only a whisper away.”

It’s been awhile since I’ve visited the wonderful genealogy social networking site GENEALOGY WISE. I watched the Genealogy Gems podcast today in which Lisa Louise Cook interviewed Gena Philibert Ortega, of Genealogy Wise. Gena reminded me that some really interesting videos are available on the site. As I looked to see what was available, I noticed the trailer that I have posted above. I’m proud to have a short story published in Ms. Bradshaw’s book on page 47.

Thank you, Anne, for bringing us this wonderful compilation of “miracles” that those of us who actively research our family histories find almost “commonplace”.