Friday, January 2, 2009

Good Things Come Out of Difficult Times

Wonderful things can come out of trying times. Last summer my Dad spent nearly 2 months in the hospital and nursing home recovering from a broken leg and complications from diabetes. In preparation for his return to his home, where he lives alone at age 87, I relocated 'storage' items and prepared a new room as his bedroom. In doing so, I came across many photo albums and framed pictures I had never seen. Among the albums I discovered was one that had belonged to my step-mother. It was a remarkable find, for my step-mother, Phyllis Jean Jones Margheim, was not interested in revealing anything about her personal life prior to marrying my Dad, nor was she interested AT ALL in discussing anything about her family's history. In fact, she adamantly refused, saying "The only thing that matters is who we are today".
In my 47 years with my "Mom" I had seen one or two photos of her after her high school graduation. But it wasn't until 5 or 6 years ago that I ever saw any pictures of her as a child. And in browsing through this recently-discovered photo album of hers, I found this precious little photo of her as a toddler, with her arms clasped around the neck of a turkey (?). I love the picture. I love looking at the coat and shoes she was wearing. I wish someone had written on the back where it was taken, how old Phyllis was and who the turkey belonged to! I'm grateful that I had the opportunity to "dig" around in Dad's storage room and find this album. I'm grateful to have this picture! I treasure it.
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