Monday, February 20, 2017

Cousins connect my maternal grandfather's line to my maternal grandmother's line

I'm so blessed to have a second cousin, Kate (Smith) Keller who's an avid genealogist. She asked me recently if I had a Vivian Aileen Smith in my genealogy database who was married to a Flanders. Kate's grandmother Edna May Becker and my grandmother Nannie Becker were sisters, so Kate knew that my grandmother Nannie Becker was married to Milo Flanders. I did have Aileen Smith in my database, but had no spouse listed. 

Kate told me that Vivian Smith's husband was Joseph L. Flanders. With a little research I found that Joseph L. Flanders was indeed my distant cousin. So Kate and I realized her cousin was married to my cousin and that union connected my mom's father's (Flanders) line to my mom's mother's (Becker) family.

I drew up the above chart to show those connections. It always helps me understand the connections when I can see them laid out like this. 

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Our Family Connections to RootsTech Speakers

In two of the classes I attended at the RootsTech 2017 Conference, the speakers mentioned who their fathers were. You have to know that, armed with that information, I'm going to see if you might have a family connection to me or my husband!

Two of the guest speakers on Discovery Day were Elder Russell M. Nelson and his wife Wendy Watson Nelson. Wendy told us her father's name was Leonard David Watson and her family lived in Alberta, Canada. From previous research on my husband's ancestry, I knew he had family connections at McGrath and Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada in the early 1900s. They were sent by authorities in the LDS church to settle communities there. So I was curious if some of Wendy's ancestors might have been acquainted with Larry's ancestors.

When I attended the highly enjoyable class that Ron Tanner, Product Manager of the Family Tree for FamilySearch, taught on the future of the Family Tree, I heard him tell us that his father's name was Cleon Burnell Tanner. I have Tanners in my RootsMagic database, so I looked for Cleon Tanner. He wasn't already there, but a bit of research on the Family Tree showed me how he connected to those I already had in my database.  

With that information at hand, I was able to prepare the chart at the top of this post, using Microsoft Publisher to draw the pedigrees and connect them where appropriate. When I finished the tree, I added a few photos for visual interest. 

I won't go into the detail of every family connection, but you can see at the bottom left that I start with Larry Jamison, my husband, and end at the bottom right with ME!

Take a couple of minutes and study the pedigree charts, with the directional arrows showing the descendancies. It probably doesn't matter how we're all connected, but I always find it fascinating to make these discoveries. I don't go along with the adage, "We're all related anyway!" because there are families who can't find a connection to anyone else's ancestry. And we can't simply make them up or force individuals to tie together. I'm blessed to have a pretty good recall of names, which helps me as I discover these connections. And I find them significant.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Memorable Quotes from RootsTech 2017

Some of my favorite quotes from the RootsTech 2017 Conference:

"Ornament our Family Tree with the culture of our family." Steve Rockwood

"No one wants to be alone in heaven. No one wants to be alone doing our family history." Elder Bradley Foster

"When we're starting a new search, do a search of the geographic areas. Look for COLLECTIONS, not names and dates" D. Joshua Taylor

"We don't know what we don't know until we know it." D. Joshua Taylor

"We don't OWN our ancestors." D. Joshua Taylor

"Be nice or leave." Thomas MacEntee

"Oftentimes people die. Check on the newly dead and update our files." Ron Tanner

"The root is the place where the tree starts." Ron Tanner 

"When we die we become stories in other peoples' minds." Emily Doolin Aulicino

"We die when the LAST PERSON says our name". Emily Doolin Aulicino

"Why set a goal when you can make a promise?" Jason Hewlitt

Family, Friends and Cousins meet up at RootsTech 2017

It was a blessing to "bump into" my friend Shari Mehling Stone, who I met two years ago at RootsTech. The niece of her great grandfather married my great grandfather, so we call ourselves cousins. (And yes, I was as tired as I look. Those 5:30am mornings catch up with me). 
I'm happy that I get to eat breakfast each morning at RootsTech
with my distant cousin Renee Zamora, blogger and RootsMagic employee.
It's always a treat and privilege to get to visit with my "Friend in Genealogy" DearMYRTLE
(Pat Richley-Erickson).
Our friends from Florence, Colorado, Tom and Linda Goff, accompanied us to the conference this year. It was wonderful to have them near, as we laughed, enjoyed concerts, classes, keynotes, visited together and saved seats for each other!
And finally, motivated and inspired, but exhausted, we truly did enjoy our Delta Airlines flight back to Colorado Springs. When the wheels of the jet came off the ground and the plane lifted into the air, I again felt a thrill and was grateful that we had the opportunity to travel.
Before we left Salt Lake City, we had a fun and rewarding visit with Larry's brother Dick Jamison, sister-in-law Linda, and their daughters Tracy and Mindy. In a moment of good fortune and answer to prayer after the Thursday evening concert by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir at the LDS Conference Center, we also had the chance to greet and hug their son Scott Jamison and his wife Lisa! (I was so surprised I forgot to take a picture). 
By the way, Larry even took a picture of the beautiful Delta flight attendant, Kristen, who took our picture as we were leaving Salt Lake City. 

The signage at RootsTech were works of art

Everyone in downtown Salt Lake City knew what was going on at the Salt Palace Feb 8-11, 2017. The signage this year was remarkable!

Every classroom had a large sign that told what classes were being held by the hour and were changed each day! And every corridor and hotel lobby had a recap of the week's events.

Left to right: Bobbi Rogers and Debbie Allen with
Becky Jamison, the first friends we ran into
after we registered Wednesday morning.

Taking time to thank a friend who works behind the scenes at RootsTech 2017

Left to right: Larry Jamison, Janet, Becky Jamison
This is not a picture you'll see on ANYONE else's news from RootsTech 2017. In this picture with me and my husband Larry is "Janet" a member of the 
Housekeeping crew at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City. Each year that we attend the family history conference in Salt Lake City, we renew a friendship with Janet that began in 2012 as we met Janet while she was cleaning floors and tables in the lunch area of the Expo Hall at RootsTech. Larry made a special point to thank her for her diligent service that made our visit to the Salt Palace enjoyable. We renew our visit with Janet each year at RootsTech and express our gratitude to her for the wonderful work she and her fellow housekeeping team members do that help make our conference experience enjoyable. 
Larry and Janet in 2012
Larry and Janet in 2015
Larry Jamison and Janet in 2016