Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Second Blogiversary Dedicated to my Son


On this second anniversary of my blog, I’m dedicating my post to my son Matt for two reasons: (1) He’s the greatest blessing of my life and I adore him, and (2) I’m currently  researching his ancestry.

I adopted Matt as an infant. We were each blessed last year when Matt was able to locate and meet his birth mother, Karen. Upon their first personal meeting, Matt requested of Karen that she complete a 4 generation pedigree chart, as far as she was able. I think I’ve trained him well! As soon as he received the pedigree chart in his mail, he called me and gave me all the names she’d given him. I got right to work on the research and found that it gave me a totally different feeling than I’ve experienced while researching anyone else’s ancestry. As I learned names and saw faces in the photos I discovered in a tree on, I felt so grateful to these wonderful people, for it’s their blood that runs through my son’s body. They are HIS people. There’s a very special place in my heart for every individual I’ve met in his ancestry.

At the time I met Karen, she loaned me several pictures of herself as a child, as well as pictures of her parents and siblings. My fellow genealogists will understand and appreciate what a treasure those are to me, and what a wonderful gesture that was for her to make. And in my online hunting I’ve discovered a cousin of hers who has uploaded over 7,000 photos to her Ancestry tree, many of which relate to Matt’s ancestors!

My research has rewarded us with enough pictures that I can share with you a line of 7 generations in my son’s family:

Matt’s great, great, great grandmother Martha Susan Tanner (1834-1905)

Crotchett, Martha Susan Tanner

(His great, great grandmother Emeline Charlotte Crotchett (1863-1931)Crotchett Emmeline CharlotteCrotchett, Emeline Charlotte (b1853)

Matt’s great grandfather was “Emma’s” son, Frank Jefferson Bell (1888-1951)

Bell, Frank JeffersonThe son of Frank Bell was Robert Bell, Matt’s grandfather, pictured below at far left, with his family:


In this photo covering 2 generations, are Matt, with his birth mother Karen at right and me, his Mom (adoptive mother) at left:

Matt Becky Karen Sept 09 And here’s our little jewel, Alyssa, Matt’s daughter, when she was 2 years old: 


How blessed we all are to have pictures of SEVEN generations of family and even more blessed to know them and love them! I’m so happy to dedicate this anniversary post to my wonderful son, his family and his ancestors. They truly manifest God’s Grace and Glory in my life.

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