Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Son’s (half) Pedigree Chart


I spent an hour and a half this afternoon taping my son’s pedigree chart together…and used 2 full rolls of Magic tape. It’s 3 feet wide and 13 feet long. I say it’s only a “half” pedigree because it only represents his ancestors on his (birth) mother’s side of the family. I have not researched his “birth” father’s lineage yet. I may have to wait until 2012 when the 1940 federal census is released to begin that project.

To save expense I have not used a professional chart printing service like Janet Hovorka’s “The Chart Chick” --- although I’d LOVE to! I printed the 60 pages out for this chart, then trimmed and taped them together. My husband is good about helping me with the next step..he takes it to a local Copy Shop and the proprietor runs our chart through his blueprint copier and makes one seamless copy. That’s the one I’ll give my son.  That way I can keep the “rough draft” for my own reference.

Now back to inserting photos in his narrative report. I hope to get his book done in another week or so. I’ll post pictures when it’s ready.

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