Friday, October 22, 2010

So Many Ancestors, So Little Time


I was happy when I opened the mailbox today and found my early birthday present. From my dad I got this sweater/sweatshirt/jacket, even though my birthday isn’t until November 5th. I’m going to visit my brother in Texas for a few days next week and I wanted to wear it, so I got it early. I love it (I got the black one).

Actually I’ve wanted this since last April when I saw it on display in the Exhibit Hall of the National Genealogy Conference in Salt Lake City. By mid-morning of the first morning of the conference, the only one left at the “Fun Stuff for Genealogists” booth was the one on display. As I was looking at it, considering whether “one size fits all” would fit me, a lady walked up very brazenly, barged in front of two of us, grabbed it off the hanger and announced to those of us who were “eyeballing it” that it was SOLD! And off she went. I was crushed. I don’t find myself “wanting” very many things as I go through life, but I wanted that jacket! Through the winters I wear a jacket in my house as I sit at my laptop and do my genealogy research. I thought this would be the perfect thing to wear this winter.

Thank you, Dad, for the wonderful birthday present. I don’t wear t-shirts with advertising on them, but I’ll proudly wear this jacket, as it confirms what I know: “So many ancestors, So little time”. That’s hardly anything I need to be reminded of, for it’s what drives my constant perseverance to get the ‘work’ done. So many people in my ancestry, and not enough hours in the day to serve them properly!

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