Sunday, November 7, 2010

Delivery of My Son’s Genealogy Book


Today as we joined my son’s family for dinner to celebrate my birthday, I was able to deliver the genealogy book and pedigree chart that I’ve prepared for Matt. In the photo above my granddaughter Alyssa looks on as my husband comments “If each of these people on this pedigree hadn’t come together, you wouldn’t be YOU.”


Our granddaughters Taylor (top) and Alyssa (bottom) serve as anchors to hold down the unrolled 12 foot pedigree. Their request upon seeing their dad’s ancestor chart was “Can you make us one, Grandma?” Since their dad’s pedigree is 12 feet long, each of their’s will probably be in excess of 20 feet. I’ll let you know when I get them printed.


My granddaughter Taylor is showing some early interest in family history (Hooray!) as she reads the reports I put in a book for Matt’s birth mother. 


Alyssa is anticipating the day when she can leaf through her own genealogy book. This Grandma better get busy!


I wish I had known when my daughter-in-law was going to snap this picture of me and Matt…I’d have smiled!

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