Friday, November 5, 2010

My Genealogy Books for my Son and his Birth Mother

Genealogy Projects

Today’s my birthday so I’m giving a present to my son. Makes perfect sense to me!

I’ve written in the past about the research I’ve been doing for my son as a result of him “finding” his birth mother last year. I adopted my son as a newborn and at the age of 32 he was able to make contact with the wonderful woman who gave birth to him and allowed him to become my son by placing him for adoption. Upon his personal meeting with her on the occasion of his 33rd birthday, he asked her to provide him with names of her ancestors. Being the son of a woman who’s passionate about family history, he knew I’ve waited many years to have the opportunity to find out who his ancestors are.

Within two weeks of that request, Matt had received a complete four generation pedigree chart from his birth mother. Can you imagine how happy I was the day he called me with that information? I spent 4 months researching as much of the family as I could and just this Fall have put my findings into 3 ring binders for each of them. As you can see in the above photo collage, I also prepared a CD for each book that contains all the photographs I was able to find. In the white tubes are the pedigree charts I printed, each twelve feet long, covering about 18 generations.

I don’t know who’s more excited about this project, me, Matt or his birth mother. I know she’s anxiously waiting to read what I’ve found on her ancestors. And I know Matt’s anxious to see the book, but I think he’s mostly just proud that I’ve done this for him and that he’s able to present it to the wonderful woman who held the key to his ancestry!

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