Saturday, February 25, 2012

We Found a Cousin's Postcard in an Antique Store

As we browsed in an antique store this afternoon I found these two postcards for sale for $1.00 each. They caught my eye because the notable John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley of Mayflower fame were my husband's 10th great grandparents. As you can see the postcard at the top was addressed to May Howland. Through my research when we got home, I learned that she is the same person as Miss Sophia M. Howland, recipient of the postcard above. She was born 9 June 1886. The message on the postcard directly above says "Greetings from the Pilgrim John Howland Society and best wishes for a Happy Birthday June ninth". Signed by William Howland, President. By printing up a quick relationship chart in my RootsMagic database, I was able to see that this Sophia May Howland was a seventh cousin four times removed of my husband, Larry Jamison. John and Elizabeth Tilley Howland were May's 6th great grandparents and my husband's 10th great grandparents.

Having these two postcards in our possession is well worth the two dollars!
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