Sunday, October 12, 2008

Grandmas were once little girls too

I was contacted by email last week by someone asking for more information about one of my paternal ancestors--my great, great grandparents. As I've hunted for what I could share on this family and in talking to my Dad about his great grandparents (pictured at right), I've come upon a discovery that is quite exciting to me. Just this morning I came across a photo of my grandmother as a very young girl. I don't remember ever seeing this picture before. My Grandma is special to me because she took care of me and my brother when my parents's marriage ended and our care was the responsibility of my Dad. For a few years Grandma became my "Mom". She seemed old at that time, even though she was just 47. Our lives and styles have changed so much that 47 is not as old now as it used to be. But I treasure this picture, for it's my first glimpse of my Grandma as a very young girl. It doesn't seem right to look at her in this photo and call her "Grandma".

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M. Diane Rogers said...

Hi, Becky - Nice post! When we are little, it's hard to remember grandmas (and mums) have other interests than us. Looking at the early photographs reminds us of that, I think. Nice to 'meet' you in the Genea-Blogger Group.