Monday, October 6, 2008

Resemblance in Mother and Wife

When I have more time I plan to post a story about my step-mother's father who was raised a Smith and changed his name to Jones. In our family it's known as the "Alias Smith and Jones Story". But time is short for me right now, so I'm going to post a couple of photos and make a quick point, then come back to this later.

The photo at left is of (l to r) Harriett Thackerson, her son Malone Smith and his wife Mary.

In the photo at right is the son of Malone and Mary Smith, whose name is Jim Jones, with his wife Helen. I find a striking resemblance between Mary Smith at left and Helen Jones at right. Looks to me like my Grandpa Jones married a woman who very strongly resembled his mother. What do you think?

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tren said...

I think so! They say that men marry their mothers...hmmm. I hope I'm nothing like my mother-in-law!