Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Birthday to Us

A few days ago I was sitting with my Dad at his computer, showing him more features on Facebook. He's one of my Facebook Friends, and I think at age 87, he could be the oldest person on Facebook. We were viewing photos that other family members have posted and were remarking what a wonderful feature it is to be able to share photos so easily with relatives we haven't seen in decades.

Dad said to me "Reach that box up on the top shelf that says "Stamps'". "Stamps" I questioned? I got the "recycled" check-blank box, opened it, dug below a stack of stamps, and discovered several photos that were taken in 1930, 1940 and about 1948. Loose little photographs in the bottom of this small box filled with stamps. I had never seen any of these pictures before. I've scoured many family photo albums, have scanned several hundred family photos and put more than a dozen albums on Google's Picasa web site. But I had not seen any of these pictures before. I was delighted! Oh, what treasures hide in places we least suspect.

One of the pictures was of me and my twin brother sitting on the grass in our yard, accompanied by a small white lamb cake. Dad thinks it was taken on our first birthday, which would have been November 5, 1948. Since tomorrow is our 61st birthday, I'm sharing this picture and using this post to also wish my brother Dennis Happy Birthday!


tren said...

What a fun find! That lamb cake is so cute, too. However, I must say that you and your brother definitely look two years old, not one year old. There's just no way you're only a year old in that photo. What a treasure! Hopefully your dad won't keep such things tucked away like that anymore.

Taylorstales-Genealogy said...

What a wonderful "birthday present." Isn't it terrific to still find surprises in the most unusual places! A great picture and a great story....oh and Happy Birthday!

looking4ancestors said...

Happy B-day, Becky! How nice to have found that photo, just in time for your special day. Hope you had a good one.

Amy C said...

That's so cool that your dad is on Facebook.

Happy birthday (again) to you and your brother.

Colleen Johnson, CMJ Office said...

I have never seen a lamb cake. It looks awesome. What a terrific find for you. Enjoy!