Saturday, November 29, 2008

Is Ernie the Blog Network's Oldest Blogger?

Today was the inauguration day for my Dad, Ernest Margheim, to launch his blog: "Ernie's Journeys". As I sat down to show him how he can post stories using email, he quickly grabbed a pencil and paper and started making notes as he recalled games he played as a small child. I moved away from his computer and asked him to write those recollections in a new post instead of in his small notebook. Thus his first blog post began.

I wonder if Ernie, at age 87, is the oldest blogger in our Genea-Blogger network! Does anyone know anybody older who's actively posting on their blog?
Way to go, Dad! As you post your recollections, I'll jump in when needed and help you by posting the stories you've emailed me for the last 8 years. It's the least I can do.


Lisa Jamison said...

He's got to be the oldest blogger! It's so fun to read of the different way of life.

footnoteMaven said...


Oldest Genea-Blogger? I'd bet on it. And what a wonderful accomplishment.

Until recently we had an Australian blogger who was over 100. She died this year. She was not, however, a member of the Genea-Bloggers. I don't think we existed before she died. She sang old sons and even had video.

I thought I remembered reading from one of her posts that there was another blogger a bit younger. I'll go check.


Anonymous said...
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