Thursday, December 25, 2008

Discovery of a New Photo of My Mother

There is no connection to my posting of this photo and today being Christmas Day, except that on this holiday I finally had NOTHING pressing to do and was able to spend free time browsing genealogy sites. My second cousin Kate Keller is a fellow genealogist. We've shared many family photos through our personal sites. I'm grateful to her for posting over 600 photos that I've been able to review and many have been saved to my computer for personal use.

As I was browsing her photo collection today I discovered the photo at left of my mother, Ruby Nadine Flanders Margheim Craine. I think it may have been taken when she was about 15 years old. Fifteen-year-olds in 1940 sure don't look like 15 year olds nowadays.

The pictures below are of my mother's next older brother, William "Mervin" Flanders. The picture on the left was in my mother's scrapbook and was his high school Senior portrait. The photo at the right was taken of Uncle Mervin late in his life. I just discovered it while browsing cousin Kate's photos on today too. It's amazing how similar his pose is to the high school portrait taken of him about 68 years earlier.

This is a photo of me with my Uncle Mervin when I was in Hutchinson, Kansas attending his 50th wedding anniversary celebration in April 1998. This was the last time I was able to see Uncle Mervin. He passed away July 21, 2007.

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