Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Grandma's 'School Souvenir' Books

Note: This is the 2nd in a series of posts revealing an item I discovered when I opened the "Box of Blog Food", the box full of treasures from my Dad's house that I wrote about here.

The book at left says "Souvenir", "Lest We Forget" and 1913 at the bottom left. Embossed across the bottom is "The Foundation of Every State is the Education of It's Youth." It belonged to my grandmother, Mollie Koleber, who was born 1902.

This is the next page where is printed this poem: "The school is out, vacations come, The bell has ceased to sound, The old school house has lost its hum, And silence broods around."

"When the heart of the home is in league with the school it is well with the child."
Identified on the second page is "Excelsior School, District 28, Trego County, Kansas; Bertha Mensing, Teacher", followed by the list of pupils and the School Board, as is visible in this photo at left.
The double-page spread in the middle of this little book is an assortment of quotations.
And this illustration decorates the final page of the book.

I have a BONUS: The Souvenir Book from the next school year!

Here are the following pages in the order they appear. It's dated 1915-1916.

The final page offers this illustrated poem: "Wisdom is the olive that springeth from the heart, Bloometh on the tongue and beareth fruit in the actions."


DianaR said...

Hi Becky ~
You must be having so much fun going through this box! Thanks for taking the time to share your discoveries!!

Gini said...

Wow, what a treasure chest Becky, you have some very special things that you are taking the time to share and enrich our lives. Thank you! Look forward to reading and seeing your wonderful history!