Monday, January 19, 2009

My Family Quilt

At the top of the sidebar at right, it says "I want my grandchildren to know who my grandparents were." My paternal grandparents were a very big part of my childhood and a strong part of our nucleus family. I was lucky to be with my Grandpa and Grandma often as I grew up and they were very special to me. My twin brother Dennis and I lived with them for 2 years before we started school and before my Dad re-married. My Grandpa was the Head Custodian at Hoisington High School in Hoisington, KS and occasionally let Dennis & me go to work with him. We felt quite privileged as 4 year olds roaming those HUGE halls of high school. My Grandma let me lick the bowl when she prepared her homemade apple cake. I have so many memories of the special times I spent with my grandparents. I don't know if my grandchildren will ever be interested, but I sure hope they'll want to know who my grandparents were and what they meant to me.
My oldest step-daughter Becky makes "Memory Quilts", so last year my husband secretly asked her to make one for me as his Mother's Day gift to me. He scanned photos of my family and emailed them to her. How easy is that? Our technology makes such things possible like never before! Becky took her daughter Raichael shopping with her to pick out the fabric for the quilt. That involved my granddaughter, who knew my favorite colors. It was a way to expose my granddaughter to the family members of her Grandma Becky. The photos in the quilt are of me and my twin brother, my husband, my son, my parents, both natural and step, and all my grandparents. What a treasure!
I don't have the quilt displayed yet, but plan to hang it on the wall. It can be a great conversation starter!


Judith Richards Shubert said...

I love your quilt, Becky. What a fantastic gift. I appreciate your sharing how it was conceived and created.


Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

Thank you for a wonderful story. I've been so busy amassing information on my far back ancestors that I forget how important it is to leave these recent stories for the next generation.
Evelyn in Montreal
A Canadian Family

Greta Koehl said...

That has to be one of the greatest gifts ever! I am very lucky and privileged to have three of my maternal grandmother's patchwork quilts. On some of the quilts she would embroider family members' names.

Taylorstales-Genealogy said...

Becky, what a wonderful and extremely precious gift! My mother made a quilt for me and I cherish it deeply. I also have a quilt that my GG grandmother made in the late 19th century and I wouldn't part with either of these treasures. I know how very much that quilt means to you! Thanks for sharing

Manifestation said...

Hello Becky,that's so nice of your grand parents for such a beautiful quilt gift.You're so lucky.I wish your grand parents,you and the parents around the world for their long life,absolute joy and prosperity blossom.


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Colleen Johnson, CMJ Office said...

Love it! My MIL made one for me. You midwestern gals are awesome with your quilts.

DianaR said...

What an absolutely wonderful idea and super gift. My mother has taken up quilting since she retired in 2000 - and she is great at it. I have so many neat photos scanned in ~ hmmm, a "Random Relatives" quilt?!?

Harriet said...

Your family is so thoughtful to give you such a wonderful quilt.
It is beautiful!


Greetings Becky,
Your beautiful quilt is a wonderful conversation starter to use with your grandchildren. What a treasure!