Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The tragic death of Robert Alvey Jamison

My last post shows the headstones placed at the grave of my husband's great-grandparents Robert and Clarrissa Jamison in Canton, Stark, Ohio. They are pictured above in this family portrait. Clarrissa (or "Clara" as she was called) is at the far left and Robert is at the far right.

Since I pictured their gravestones, I wanted to share with you the story of Robert's death as it was published in the newspaper. Here's the account:

"Robert worked for State Electric Company of Canton, Ohio. He had only been on the job for 2 weeks when he was making a final inspection of the lighting system when he fell 60 feet from the skylight of the First Christian Church, falling into the "Jamison Pew" as the story goes. Dr. Buchman was the attending physician, but said death was instantaneous. He was taken to Miller-Blanchard Funeral Home. He resided at 2812 Second St, Canton, Ohio. Rev. George E. Jackson officiated at the burial conducted at Westlawn Cemetery."

Robert was born 21 April 1853 and died from this tragic fall on 18 October 1918 at age 65.


LdsNana said...

Wow! What a way to go. What a heartbreak this must have been for the family.

Cheryle Hoover Davis said...

This is a tragic story, Becky. The poor man, falling from such a height. Interesting the story has it that he fell into the "Jamison pew".

My 3rd greatgrandfather, John Hoover, died from a fall atop a mill he was helping to rebuild after the Burning of the Shenandoah Valley, ca: Civil War.