Monday, May 11, 2009

My "Friendly Blogger Award"

On her Genealogy Fun blog, Harriet awarded me the "Friendly Blogger Award". Thank you Harriet! I'm so happy to be part of the wonderful Genea-Blogger community, not only for the awesome information that is shared, but for the friendships and comraderie (did I spell that right?) that we get from each other.
I want to share this now with these 6 Friendly Bloggers (7 blogs) and encourage them to pass it on to their 7 choices (and give them the news in a "Comment" on their blog):
My cousin Kate Keller at Genealogy Bug and Genealogical Treasures (if you have 2 blogs, you get 2 awards!)
My dear friend Judy McCormick at Against the Grain
My fellow Colorado enthusiast Gayle Gresham at Colorado Reflections
My church friend (who helped me get started blogging) Tren Hopkins at Chasing Tadpoles
My blogging friend Diana Ritchie at Random Relatives
My blogging friend Gini Webb at Ginisology

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tren said...

Thanks, Becky!