Monday, June 8, 2009

Countdown to Colorado: 3 Days to Family History Expo

In three days I’ll be on my way to the Colorado Family History Expo 2009 in Loveland, Colorado with my friends Shelly, Patsy and Emily. Eight classes will be presented each hour during Friday and Saturday---how can I clone myself to attend 2 or 3 at once? Each of us has different interests and areas of research, so we're going to "divide and conquer". Shelly, a 30 year researcher, is taking a lot of the fun-sounding classes, like "Wagon Trains and Indian Fights", to be presented by Billy Dubois Edgington, and "Murder, Mayhem and Town Tragedy" with Lisa A. Alzo. Patsy has a strong interest in DNA as it is related to genealogy, so she'll be investigating classes along that line. I'm serving as a Consultant in our local Family History Center, so I'm going to learn as much as I can from the staff of the Family History Library and experts from FamilySearch so I can bring lessons back to our Center staff. I also use RootsMagic 4 for my database and am very excited about participating in two classes conducted by Bruce Buzbee himself! I'm also going to have fun in Janet Hovorka's class "Serendipity and Other Miracles: Why You Need Family History". I've experienced the serendipity in my family research!
I can hardly wait to meet many of my Facebook friends, and fellow genea-bloggers in the Blogger Bistro and Twitter Cafe. I'll be posting tweets to Twitter during the day and hope to post updates to this blog at day's end. I should do that during the day, but how would I tear myself away from the Exhibit Hall with all the wonderful vendors and product displays? From the Keynote Address at 8:00 am Friday morning by Bernie Gracy to the final drawing for the Grand Prize on Saturday at 6:00 pm, the Embassy Suites in Loveland, Colorado will be a ALIVE with genealogists and family historians, from the beginners to the experts and professionals. Holly Hansen, President of FHExpos, promises a very interesting and worthwhile expo that will teach us "The Tech to Trace Our Roots" right here for the first time in our beautiful Colorado!
I hope to see you there. You can also follow happenings on Twitter @FHExpos or on the blog

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Kate Keller said...

Enjoy your time at the expo. Look forward to reading your blog entries.