Sunday, June 14, 2009

More Impressions of Colorado Family History Expo

Allison Stacy, Publisher of Family Tree Magazine. Her smile lit up the entire Exhibit Hall!

RootsMagic was one of the sponsors of this Expo. Thank you, Bruce & Laurie Buzbee and Michael Booth and staff!

Family Insight is a software product of Ohana Software with headquarters in Hawaii. The Hawaiian shirts and leis added a wonderful touch to the Exhibit Hall displays.

Since I have never attended a Family History Conference, seminar, workshop, or expo, I came to this wonderful event with no expectations other than to learn and have fun. And learn and have fun....I DID!
I was immediately impressed when I checked in to the Embassy Suites with my 3 friends, Patsy, Shelly and Emily, because the facility was brand new and beautiful. Very roomy, open, spacious, and very accommodating. It was an excellent location for this Expo. Holly Hansen, President of Family History Expos hosted nearly 500 attendees and things appeared to go along without a hitch. When a Presenter was not able to attend, Holly stepped in and presented the lesson. My friend Emily was in that class and said it went quite smoothly and was very informative.
Each of my friends had a different line of interest so we attended separate classes. Patsy was interested in DNA and German research, Emily wanted to learn more about doing effective research in England and Wales, and in using court and probate records. She found exactly what she was looking for as a participant in the classes presented by Dr. Arlene Eakle. Shelly found really entertaining classes on "Serendipity", taught by Janet Hovorka, the Chart Chick and co-owner of Generation Maps, "Murder, Mayhem, and Tragedy", taught by Lisa Alzo , and she was so affected by Ron Anderson's presentation on the "Wit and Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln" on Friday afternoon that she convinced me to attend the class taught by Mr. Anderson Saturday morning about "Abraham Lincoln's Faith". I found it to be the most touching and entertaining hour that I've experienced in a long time! Mr. Ron Anderson is the author of "A Lincoln, God's Humble Instrument."
Since I serve as a Consultant in our local Family History Center, I attended the three classes presented by Paul Starkey, William Mangum and Steve Rockwood, who all offered information on Family Search that will help me be better equipped to teach our patrons. I was quite impressed with the quality and volume of information they presented on relevant topics. I also use Roots Magic as the software for my genealogy database and I love it! I was thrilled that Bruce Buzbee, developer of this software, was present and conducted two information-packed classes as he walked us through many of the procedures for using Roots Magic and for synchronizing it with the New Family Search.
I wasn't able to take TIME to post anything to my blog during the days Friday and Saturday because I just couldn't steal myself away from any of these wonderful classes long enough to get the job done! I knew I could blog from home, but would never get a chance to learn from these wonderful experts again. You know this was the first expo I've attended and I certainly hope it won't be my last. But it may be a long time before I'm able to participate again. So I made the best use of my time.


DianaR said...

Sounds like a really wonderful conference. So glad you had a good time - and sounds like there was a lot to learn as well.

Gayle Gresham said...

Thanks for the updates, Becky. Wish I could have been there. I'm looking forward to hearing more about it. Glad your Dad is home!