Saturday, July 4, 2009

Coming Through Ellis Island 105 Years Ago

My wonderful Grandmother, Amalia "Mollie" Koleber Margheim is pictured below with her parents, George and Katie Koleber and her two older brothers George Jr. and Daniel shortly after they arrived in America, coming through Ellis Island, as evidenced in the Passenger Record below their photo. Their arrival occurred on July 8, 1904. My grandmother was born October 6, 1902 in Kratzke, Saratov, Russia. Her estimated age of 11 months is incorrect on the ship manifest. The "Last Place of Residence" is given as Italy. Neither my Dad nor I know why they sailed from Italy.

They sailed on the Ship 'Umbria', pictured below in the photo available at

105 years ago on Wednesday, July 8th, 2009.
I'm so glad your family made it to America, Grandma!


BeNotForgot said...

This story intrigues me! Every line I've been able to trace has been in America forever! On the 8th of this month, I'll include your "bunch" in my thoughts of thanks for our ancestors, which is also the 107th birthday of my Pa Jake (paternal grandpa), as well as the 80th anniversary of the marriage of my maternal grandparents. Thanks for sharing!

DianaR said...

Great story - and so beautifully presented. I love the pictures - not just of the Margheim's but also the additional pictures of Ellis Island and the ship etc. It really brings the story to life.

Iconista said...

lovely story, thanks for sharing

Thomas MacEntee said...


Again you did a great job telling this story! Thanks for sharing the Ellis Island information.