Friday, July 17, 2009

My Mom was Buried on July 17th

Dates stick in my mind. Today is July 17th and my mother was buried on July 17, 1990. I couldn't let the day go by without just making mention of her, even though I posted her picture on my blog on July 14th, the 19th anniversary of her death.
I recently took a class on heirloom preservation from Laura Best at the Family History Expo in Loveland, Colorado. She advised us to remove any old photos that we had that had been mounted on black paper. You can see that the photo above was one such photo. I hesitate to remove it from the original album (tho I will) because my mother captioned her photos with a white ink pen. I loved her handwriting. My dad did too. And I love this picture of them. I think it's very romantic! Posted by Picasa


DianaR said...

Dates do stick in our minds - and I'm sure yesterday was a hard one for you. This is a great picture of your Mom!

As for the picture - I know what people say about the black paper albums, but I would never remove the pictures. The albums themselves are treasures and I think they should be preserved! I have 2 of my grandfather's that are wonderful. As you say, the handwriting and comments make them special.

What I did was scan all the pictures to preserve them. I also used a software called Picaboo, along with Photoshop, to digitally recreate the albums. My 2 uncles now both have copies.

I think you can get to the albums on line - I'm going to go check that out and then maybe I'll post about it later...but have to run to a baby shower at lunch!

Cheryle Hoover Davis said...

I missed this post when it was current, apologies. I do understand those dates that are recurrent and bring back so many memories.

Your mother was beautiful, she and your dad were a handsome couple and the photos you have are priceless!

I'd leave them on the black paper, also, as the handwritten notes are treasures.