Monday, September 7, 2009

Great Grandma Mazie

Yesterday I had the very special privilege of meeting "Karen", the woman who gave birth to my son and allowed me to adopt him shortly thereafter. She came to our meeting armed with photographs of some of her ancestors, as well as her immediate family.
Karen graciously loaned me her photos so I could scan and save them, which was my first priority on this holiday. One of the most precious photos she shared with us is the one at left, which is of her grandmother and my son's great-grandmother Mazie, shown here at 18 months old.
It's nice to meet you, Great-Grandma Mazie!


Louise and Robert Bernero said...

Wow...Becky...what a neat story. I know you are thrilled...Good luck to you all!....Louise

GrannyPam said...

What a generous thing for her to do, and what a blessing to you and your son.

DianaR said...

Hey Becky ~ what a totally adorable picture!! How neat that Karen allowed you to scan the pictures she had. :-)