Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday: Joe and Emma Becker

John Joseph "Joe" and Emma Cornelia Strait Becker are buried in the cemetery in my hometown, Great Bend Cemetery, Great Bend, Barton, Kansas. There isn't anything particularly unique about this headstone, except that it has been in view since 1944 and I've never seen it personally! I was born in Great Bend in 1947 and visited that cemetery annually as my parents decorated family graves with flowers. I have been to the neighboring plots of my grandparents Milo and Nannie Becker Flanders - Nannie being the daughter of Joe and Emma Becker, but don't recall ever looking down at their headstones while standing in that area. I was not raised with my mother, the daughter orf Milo and Nannie and granddaughter of Joe and Emma, so if I was at this gravesite, it was only briefly and for a quick visit with my mother. Not to attend to the graves of her ancestors.
Such a shame! I lived in Great Bend until I was 39 years old and in all those years, I never saw the headstone or gravesite of my great grnadparents. I also lived only a few blocks from the cemetery for 3 years! It's through the generosity of my mother's cousins that I now have this photo of their headstone.
Such a shame that we often aren't connected when we're young. Such a shame.

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