Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Two Precious Veterans

We were very fortunate to receive this picture yesterday from my husband's brother. Shown here are my husband Larry Jamison as a toddler, on the knee of his Dad, Lt. Col. L. R. Jamison. The picture was taken in Waynesburg, Greene, Pennsylvania about 1948. It's fitting that I post this picture today because both Larry and his dad served in the United States Air Force. I'm proud of these Jamison veterans on this Veteran's Day and always!


DianaR said...

Hi Becky ~
I just gave you the Kreativ Blogger award!! You have SUCH a beautiful blog. Yours was the first to really inspire me to make mine pretty!

Anonymous said...


Well deserved Kreativ Blogger award. I have so enjoyed reading your blog and by finding a post on the Twins page by your father, led me to his blog and another gem. What an illuminating, need to be told, post his remembrance posting was.

Karen (Chennistone)

Courtney said...

A new genealogy award for you at My Family Puzzle.

Sharon said...

I've chosen you to receive the Kreativ Blogger Award. You can pick it up at my site;

JamaGenie said...

What cute guys! You have every reason to be proud! Looking forward to the post about your Grandaunt.