Saturday, June 12, 2010

Revisiting my Post on “Hoover”

I experienced such difficulty this afternoon as I was trying to add pictures to the previous post about my Grandma Flanders’ friend Zella Hoover. I’m grateful to my facebook friend Debbie Blanton McCoy for advising me to try using Windows Live Writer to write my post. So I’m embarking on an adventure here and experimenting with Live Writer.
I’ve written before that I was not very knowledgeable about the lives of my Flanders grandparents, as I only visited them periodically as a child. I knew even less about Grandma’s friend “Hoover”, except that she was always at Grandma’s house and seemed to just be part of our family.  I knew that her grandsons lived at her house and were also cared for by, whom I thought was, their other grandmother. I’d heard the story that her grandsons had lost their parents, so were being raised by their Grandmas.
As I searched the Public Member Trees on I found several trees that listed the family members of the Earl Lee and Zella Mae Page Hoover family. Number one son Earl Lee (pictured below) was born in 1919 and died in 2005.
Hoover, Earl LeeNumber 2 son was Bennett Edward, born 1920, died 26 August Hoover wreck article1949. I found that his wife Marjorie Ellen Mowery also died on 26 August 1949. Since I have a subscription to and have had great success finding news article in Kansas newspapers, I looked up Bennett Hoover. This is what I found in The Iola Register, Friday Evening, August 26, 1949.
It says in part: “A husband and wife lost their lives Friday in an automobile collision at Baldwin Junction… The couple’s 2-month-old son…asleep in a basket in the Hoover car, was uninjured. Mr. and Mrs. Hoover also leave a five-year-old son who has been visiting his grandmother and was not with his parents this morning.” What a tragic story. Now I’ve gotten another piece of the picture of “Hoover’s” life and understand why her grandsons were living with her in Stafford, KS.
Earl and Zella’s 3rd child was son Joe Scott (1921-2008), pictured here with his lovely wife Margaret.
Hoover, Joe Scott Joe’s younger brother Kenneth (1923-2001) is pictured here:
Hoover, Kenneth And the youngest child Annabelle Marie (1927-2006) was a close friend of my mother in her high school days.
Hoover, Annabelle6 Besides discovering the story of the loss of “Hoover’s” son Bennett, my hunting on the Public Trees at revealed this picture of Zella Hoover’s MOTHER, Delphiretta Tracy Page (born 1862):
 Tracy, DelpharettaThis adventure of researching Hoover’s family has only begun. I’ve sent messages to two women who were the contributors of this information on their public trees.
My dad, Ernest Margheim, told me that “Hoover” wrote letters to him very regularly while he was in the Army during WWII. He remembers her being a very sweet, kind and gentle woman. Who knows what else I have yet to learn about our dear, wonderful friend, “Hoover”. 

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