Friday, July 23, 2010

A Nice 70th Birthday Present


I recently was blessed with an offer from a complete stranger of family history information that pertains to my husband’s great, great grandaunt. I immediately replied to him with a request for anything he was willing to share. I received a CD in the mail a week later that contained stories of Mary Campbell Crihfield (or Critchfield) as told by her grandchildren. On the CD were also transcriptions of letters she had received in the early 1900s and photographs of Mary and many of her family members.

I printed the contents of the CD and prepared a 3-ring binder for my husband and me. We read pages from the book each evening and have found that we sleep well by thinking of Mary as we drift off to sleep.

My husband’s brother will celebrate his 70th birthday August 1st. I prepared the book above for his birthday present. He and our sister-in-law will now be able to learn more of his great, great grandaunt and will find that their hearts are drawn to this wonderful woman as a result of reading the precious, loving stories and letters it contains. 

Happy Birthday dear brother-in-law!

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Cheryl Palmer said...

A wonderful birthday present!You are all so fortunate!