Sunday, August 29, 2010

I’m Still Amazed at Finding Connections

One of the greatest pleasures I get from doing genealogy is discovering connections between my ancestors and those of my husband. My paternal ancestors are Germans from Russia who settled in Kansas. My maternal ancestors are mixed European, who settled in Kansas. But my husband is from Pennsylvania and West Virginia and most of his ancestors STAYED there. So I’m nearly dumb-founded when I discover people in his database who are in MY hometown of Great Bend, Kansas in the early 1900s or late 1800s. Such was the case yesterday when I found that his 3rd cousin (3 times removed) Elizabeth Yost from West Virginia was married to Clarence Rowe and they resided in Great Bend, Kansas. The pedigree below is for Clarence:



Perhaps you can see that his maternal grandparents were Johann Mayer and Anna Maria Becker. They are also MY great grandparents!


Barbara said...

Becky, I would also say, that is pretty amazing. I wonder what your and your husband's relationship would show up as (PAF, FTM or whatever you use). It might be something other than husband and wife, like 2nd cousin three times removed.

Nancy said...

That's amazing!