Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Touching Dedication for Jamison Memoirs

Maj SS Jamison
Samuel Shryock Jamison (1797-1877) is my husband Larry’s 3rd great granduncle. He’s the brother of Larry’s great, great, great grandfather William “Thompson” Jamison (1793-1845).
The “Memoirs of Samuel Shryock Jamison” are published on Google Books.
  Memoirs SS Jamison cover Memoirs SS Jamison inside cover
I found the ‘Dedication’ written by the author W. F Palmer to be quite touching:
Memoirs SS Jamison dedication
“…If the reminiscences thus called back from the past should shed a ray of light on your lonely path and strengthen your faith in a reunion in another world, with the partner of your joys and cares in this, the author will esteem himself amply rewarded for the little time and labor he has devoted to its preparation. The memory of such a man should not be buried under the sod which covers his remains….”
This Samuel S. Jamison was the contractor who built the Pennsylvania Railroad Station in Saltsburg, Indiana, Pennsylvania, pictured below:
I could write many posts relaying his illustrious career to my readers, but tonight I mostly wanted to share that touching “Dedication” to Samuel’s wife, Sarah Ann (Bell) Jamison. She must have felt very honored to read those words of respect about her husband. I personally have great faith that we will be reunited with our loved ones “in another world”, as W. F. Palmer wishes for Sarah. 

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Karen said...

Very touching. She had to have felt quite proud of him.