Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun…What I’m Thankful For in Genealogy

I’m complying with Randy Seaver’s suggestion that we write tonight about what we’re thankful for in genealogy.

I’m thankful that

1. My husband Larry urged and urged me to do some research on my family’s history, back in 1992-3-4.

2. My son bought Family Tree Maker Software and gave it to my dad, who gave it to me in 1999.

3. My mother’s cousin Phyllis Preece so generously shared all she had on my maternal ancestors with me.

4. My dad’s distant cousin Clarence Margheim compiled an extensive book on my paternal Margheim family line.

5. I’ve been able to serve as a Family History Consultant in my church so I’ve learned more about technology and online resources and have come to love the study of my family history.

6. I’ve met wonderful cousins like Kate Keller, Jill Bowden, Gene Williams, Kevin King, and dozens of others who have graciously shared photos, stories, letters and more family history with me and my husband.

7. Megan Smolenyak, Anne Bradshaw and Hank Jones have written the books I so enjoy on the “serendipity” nature of genealogy. They keep me motivated and inspired!

8. My dad Ernie Margheim is still alive and enjoys telling me the stories that I need to know to more fully understand and appreciate my heritage.

9. My son Matt Klein is interested in his heritage and has given me the opportunity to research it and share my findings with him. 

10. My husband was approving of me buying a laptop computer so I can do genealogy research every evening while still keeping him company in our TV room!

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