Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Grandparents’ Wedding Portrait in COLOR


Yesterday I received, totally by surprise, the above portrait of my paternal grandparents, John and Amalia “Mollie” (Koleber) Margheim. It’s their wedding portrait from November, 26, 1920. A wonderful gentleman colorized it and shared it with me “In honor of my dear grandparents”, as he stated.

This is the original portrait that I’ve posted in my Picasa web album.


I love the colorized version! I’m grateful to M. Chance for the unexpected, but very welcomed, gift!


Joan Miller said...

What a lovely surprise! Folks in the geneasphere are truly wonderful.

Cheryl Palmer said...

It's beautiful!

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

i don't normally like it when they color b/w pics but this one is amazing! really brought them to life. How lucky you are to have it!

Gini said...

Beautiful wedding photo Becky...Mr. Chance did a wonderful job colorizing an already perfect photo. What a treasure for you Becky!