Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"Small World Dept": Jamison-Jaynes Cousin Connection

The chart above shows that both my husband Larry C. Jamison and Lloyd L. Jaynes are descendants of Andrew and Mary M. Wilson Christie. Lloyd Jaynes's father was Orville S. Jaynes who was a descendant of Chester and Eliza Dee Janes. Also a descendant of Chester and Eliza Dee Jaynes is Clinton R. Jaynes, Jr. who is the adoptive father of Michele A. Jaynes, ex-wife of my husband Larry Jamison.
It’s interesting to note that both Larry C. Jamison and his ex- wife Michele A. Jaynes are cousins of Lloyd L. Jaynes, who was very well-acquainted and well-respected in the business world by the mother of M. Rebecca (“Becky”) Jamison, Larry’s second wife.   

*Lloyd Lincoln Jaynes was a resident of Hoisington, Barton, Kansas, where he was a partner in Suburban Laundry and Dry Cleaners. During the time of that employment he was often called in as an expert boiler-repairman by Phyllis J. Margheim, Manager of Jones Laundry in Great Bend, Barton, Kansas. Phyllis’s daughter is M. Rebecca (Margheim) Jamison, wife of Larry C. Jamison, as noted in the above diagram.

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