Thursday, December 22, 2011

That Osgood Name Gets my Attention

Last April I posted this story about discovering a cousin (James R. Osgood 1836-1892) through his portrait on the wall of a Cracker Barrel restaurant. 
In June I attended the Family History Expo in Loveland, CO where I heard the Keynote Address given by Lisa Louise Cooke. She encouraged the participants of the Expo to reach out and meet fellow attendees by introducing ourselves to those we were seated near in our classes. As I attended the first class after that keynote address, I turned to the woman seated beside me and introduced myself. She, in turn, told me her name-Mary Osgood. I told her of my experience with the discovery of James R. Osgood and she was able to tell me of her husband's direct Osgood connection. 
This afternoon I noticed on the Facebook page of Family Search that they posted a link to this story called "A New Nation 1789-1859". In the "Timeline" section of this article, it says "1789: Samuel Osgood, First Postmaster General under Constitution". This Wikipedia page tells us more of the interesting career of Samuel Osgood.
Samuel Osgood 1747-1813
This is a chart I created to show my relationship to Samuel Osgood, my 5th cousin 6 times removed. 


Barbara Poole said...

Becky, I had an idea that Samuel Osgood was from Mass., I've a few in my tree as well as Phelps and Poor/e. One of these days I'll go to take a photo of Samuel's house, its just a few towns away.

Becky Jamison said...

That would be fantastic, Barbara. Thank you so much!!