Saturday, April 14, 2012

1930 Census Find: My Granduncle Lew Becker's Neighbors

In my study of my family history, the thing that amazes me the most is finding CONNECTIONS between one side of my family and another side, or a family of someone else in my life, such as a step-parents, ex-husband, or my husband's family. 

In the photo above, you see page 3A from the 1930 census for Eureka Township, Barton County, Kansas. On line 38 is listed the name of Lewis L. Becker, who is the brother of my maternal grandmother Nannie Becker Flanders. I wrote a story about Uncle Lew in the previous post here on "Grace and Glory" as he appeared in the 1940 census. A fact that I had not noticed in earlier searches of this image is that the Rosa Mantz family is living next door (on the farm) to Uncle Lew Becker's family. A son of Rosa Mantz is Edward Mantz, age 34. As it happens, I knew Ed Mantz. His son Gail Mantz is married to Marilyn Klein, the sister of my ex-husband Billy Dean Klein. Many were the occasions when I was in the company of Ed and his wife Violet Mantz, as our families joined together to celebrate holidays or family birthdays in the 1970s and 1980s. I HAD NO IDEA that Ed resided next to my granduncle Lew Becker prior to his marriage to Violet Brack in 1938. If I'd know that, I could have visited with him and would have learned more about Uncle Lew. As it was, I only recall being in the company of Uncle Lew once in my early life, and being the shy little girl that I was, I certainly didn't speak to him! Opportunities missed because I didn't know then what I know now. 

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