Thursday, May 31, 2012

Colorado Springs Family History Expo is TOMORROW!

I'm off work in less than an hour and looking forward to preparing for our trip to nearby Colorado Springs, Colorado for the Family History Expo at the Crowne Plaza Hotel tomorrow. I know many women will grab their purse, maybe a jacket, and head out the door tomorrow. Men will just grab their car keys. But I've been preparing for weeks for the Expo and will continue to pack and organize for this trip until we leave Canon City, CO tomorrow in the late morning. 

I've printed the syllabus, chosen my class schedule, and printed new "business" cards with a QR Code on it that directs people to my web site. Last night I turned on my little Toshiba netbook and got all the updates loaded and syncing done. I use my netbook to access Evernote to take notes in the classes I attend. I can easily print or email my notes for other Family History Consultants from our Canon City Family History Center. 

I'm delighted that the glowing recommendations we've given to our local genealogists have resulted in the registration of SIXTEEN people from Canon City. I can't wait to hear Don Anderson's keynote address and to visit with the wonderful genealogists I've met in past years at the FHExpo! I'll get to visit again with cousin Sharon Landers Koleber and compare our research notes of the past year. 

Watch my blog for updated photos and short reviews of the classes throughout Friday and Saturday. 

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