Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A remarkable connection between my dad and my husband

At far right is Ernest Margheim and 2nd from right is Alfred Margheim
In this picture, my dad, Ernest Margheim (b. 1921) is pictured at the right end. Next to him in front is his little brother Alfred George Margheim (1923-1933). The picture was taken in Wakeeney, Trego, Kansas about 1926. On April 22, 1932, when my Uncle Alfred was in the 4th grade, he received a certificate in school for having 300 perfect spelling lessons. This is the certificate from his dictionary.
Here are a few more pictures of the dictionary.

Notice the certificate is signed by the teacher Pauline Brungardt and the Superintendent of Schools, Carrie Gregg. Carrie's name caught my attention because my husband's great grandmother's name was Alice Gregg. She, however, lived in Greene County, Pennsylvania 1871-1949. And Carrie was the Supt. of Schools in Trego County, Kansas. The flat prairie of Kansas in that day was a long way from the rolling green hills of Pennsylvania!

I was curious enough to do some online research on Carrie Gregg and found that she was born Carrie Sophia Carpenter in Kansas in 1879. She married Delbert Gregg in 1898 in Stockton, Rooks, Kansas. Delbert died in 1919, leaving Carrie with 6 children. In the 1930 federal census, Carrie was listed as a farmer....her husband's occupation before his death. But in the 1940 census she was listed as the County Superintendent of Schools. We know from the above certificate awarded to my Uncle Alfred that she was the Superintendent of Schools in 1932. 

I proceeded with my online searching and discovered a direct connection between Carrie's husband Delbert and my husband's Gregg ancestors. I could say I was amazed, but I discover what seem to be unlikely connections like this so often, that I'm not that surprised anymore. They still excite me, however! I drew up the following diagram to show the connection:
You'll see that Larry's great, great grandfather Daniel Gregg was a 2nd cousin to Carrie's husband Delbert Gregg! In terms of years, however, Carrie was a contemporary of Larry's great grandmother Alice Gregg. But Carrie was living in Kansas and Alice was living in Greene County, PA. 

It's wonderful to have a copy of Carrie Gregg's signature and even more meaningful that it's found in my Uncle Alfred's dictionary on a certificate awarded to him for perfect spelling! The award was dated April 22, 1932 and little Alfred died less than one year later, on March 22, 1933. 

This book is a keepsake that I treasure and will certainly give it to my son and then my granddaughter as the years go by. This relationship chart will go with it.  

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