Sunday, November 4, 2012

Adding My Second Cousin Betty Flanders to the Kasselman, Burhenn Chart

I've had fun recently discovering the many connections of certain people to my mother's Flanders family. My mother and step-father's good friends were Raymond and Adeline "Addie" Buehler. 
Adeline Kasselman Bryant Buehler
In a previous post I drew a chart showing how Ray Buehler was related to my father's cousin Alvina Koleber. And yet Ray and his wife Addie were good friends for many years of my mother and step-father. 
I've found that my mother's 1st cousin once removed Betty Flanders was also a first cousin once removed of Addie Kasselman Buehler, and was a first cousin once removed of my uncle Mervin Flanders, who was briefly married to Helen Burhenn, who was the sister-in-law of Doris Kasselman, another cousin of Addie Kasselman Buehler. 
It sounds rather convoluted, but I find the connections interesting and I enjoy drawing out the charts that show these connections. 

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Jim (Hidden Genealogy Nuggets Blog) said...

What a great set of photos. I've found quite a number of cousins I didn't know when I started this journey into genealogy.

Regards, Jim
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