Friday, July 26, 2013

Coming Soon! 10th Anniversary Family History Expo in Colorado

Those of us who are interested in family history and live within driving distance of Colorado Springs, Colorado are so fortunate that we have the opportunity to attend the 10th Anniversary session of the Family History Expo next weekend, August 2-3 at the Hotel Elegante.

I feel fortunate that I've been able to attend the Expos in Colorado
Holly Hansen
since 2009. I attend a class at every session that is offered and have learned so much that's helped me do effective research. But the thing I really love the most about attending these Expos, under the direction of Holly Hansen, is meeting and visiting with other genealogists. Everyone there is interested in learning and talking about their family history. That's why they're attending. In my 'real life' it's impossible to find anyone who wants to discuss family history. 

From a recent news release we learn:
"Lively discussions and in-depth learning takes place in expo workshops such as Bradley Monson’s, “Top Ten Fishin' Hole - Reel in the Big One with GOOGLE.” Another popular workshop is Ruby Coleman’s, “Genealogy on a Shoe String Budget” for beginners.

At the Colorado Family History Expo Scandinavian research will be the focus of presentations by Ruth Ellen Manness and Kathy Meade. Manness will hold three workshops titled, “Is It –sen or –sson or Lien or Ström? Scandinavian Naming Patterns & Lifestyles,” “Effective Use of Scandinavian Gazetteeres: 10+ Sources to Use,” and “Using Danish Military Records To Find Your Ancestors.”

Meade will also facilitate three workshops including “Swedish Genealogy in a Computer World,” “Research Your Swedish Heritage in Living Color Using ArkivDigital,” and “Learn How to Research the Swedish Estate Inventory Records.”

Researchers of all levels will enjoy Carol Cooke Darrow’s, “Finding People in the 20th Century (1900s) Using Newspapers, City Directories, and Social Media”; or Tom Underhill’s, “10 Techniques to Shoot ‘Picture Perfect’ with Your Cell Phone's Digital Camera.”

Gayle Gresham will offer a workshop to experienced genealogists called, “Fishing for Details? 10 Tips for Using Local History Books in Your Genealogy.” (I’m excited to listen to Gayle Gresham as she plays some old time music on her hammered dulcimer during the meal breaks this year).

For complete information about registering and attending the many classes that are offered, visit"

I will be blogging more about the Expo and reporting on my experiences as I attend next weekend. Be sure to check back for my updates!

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