Friday, January 31, 2014

My "Twin" blog site Grace and Glory Plus

A few years ago I created a web site for myself. I have no real need for a site, but it was free, fun and something I could do, so I did it! I set up "A Joyful Spirit" using the Weebly site builder. It served as kind of a "summary" of my presence on the web, with a listing of my blogs, a little bit about myself, an inventory of my genealogy library, and a sampling of the surnames in my family and those in my husband's family that I've been researching. I added some tabs to house useful links to replace my "bookmarks". 

I'm employed here in Canon City, CO as the Parish Administrator at Christ Episcopal Church. Recently it became part of my job assignment to establish a new web site for the church.   My boss selected Weebly as the site builder, which gave me the opportunity to check out the new features I was not familiar with. I discovered how easy it is to add documents to a post on the blog page. Many times I've posted stories in this blog wishing I could attach a document. I've prepared relationship charts and have saved them as a picture file so I could insert them for illustration purposes. 
That explains the "birth" of my twin site, "Grace and Glory Plus". The same kind of blog posts PLUS documents. I invite you to check it out and offer comments!

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