Saturday, September 13, 2014

I Put the Margheim Farm on the Map

I recently scanned this wonderful old photo from my father's collection. 
My grandfather John Ludwig Margheim is seated at the implement directly behind that old car that has stopped in the yard. I think that vehicle belonged to my grandfather's brother George because George's son is seen at the far right, seated and wearing a white shirt. Seated 2nd from right is my dad, Ernest L. Margheim, who at this time was 6 years old.

Dad had written this on the back of the photo: 
I took this information, found the farm site on Google Maps and with the help of 'SnagIt' (Software that I love!) I prepared this view of the farm site.
It's so nice when photos are identified on the back side. My dad was pretty good about doing that. And with the technology available today it's possible to do fun things like this.

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