Monday, October 27, 2014

Paying it Forward Again

Two years ago I wrote this story on this blog: 
I had forgotten about it. This morning I received an inquiry about this photo that was posted as part of the story:
The portrait is of Fanny H. Runnells Poole, the author of the book of poems, "A Bank of Violets". In the picture she's holding a copy of the same book. 

The message I got this morning was from Janice Webster Brown, author of the excellent New Hampshire History Blog "Cow Hampshire". She was asking for permission to share this photo. I, of course, would grant her permission to post the photo, but surprised her by offering to send her the book, complete with photos, autographs, and other cool inserts. Janice, who has researched this Runnells family of New Hampshire for 35 years, plans to ultimately donate the book to the New Hampshire Historical Society. 

I'm as excited to send the book to Janice as she is to receive it. It's a win-win-win, for me, for Janice and the NH Historical Society.   

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Jana Last said...

That's wonderful Becky!