Friday, January 2, 2015

The Grandmother of my brother's friend became our Grandaunt

In the mid-1960s my twin brother Dennis was a member of the Argonne Rebel Drum and Bugle Corps in Great Bend, KS. His best friend in the Corps was Larry Beers, a young man from the neighboring town of Hoisington, KS. When Dennis was first married in 1969 he chose Larry to serve as his Best Man, as shown in this photo.
Dennis Margheim at left and Larry Beers at right
This brief chart from my RootsMagic genealogy database shows that one of Larry's grandmothers was Elberta Mildred Woodburn. 
And this snip from shows that Mildred Woodburn's last husband was Lewis L. Becker.
This relationship chart shows that Lewis Lewelling Becker is the Granduncle of my twin brother Marion Dennis Margheim and me. 
Thanks to the Creator of the Duffy Family Tree on I can share this picture of Elberta Mildred Woodburn Roper Becker with you. 
And thanks to my second cousin Kate Keller, I can share this picture of our Granduncle "Lew" Becker:
The part I love the most about my family history research is discovering connections that I've not been aware of, often between our friends and our relatives or between my relatives and those of my husband etc. During the years that Larry Beers was in our home as my brother's good friend, I had no idea that his grandmother would later become the wife of our Granduncle. So one year after Larry stood at Dennis's side as his Best Man, Larry's grandmother became our Grandaunt! I'm still amazed.   

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