Sunday, March 15, 2015

Adding photos of those who immigrated

It helps me to understanding relationships if I can see something graphically. So I created a chart that illustrates the people in my previous post and have just added a few more photos to it.
I also learned a couple immigration dates that I added, which tell a story. You can see in the chart on the left side that Georg Jacob and Maria E. Koleber Maier immigrated to America from the Volga region of Russia on 22 Aug 1876. 

Jacob's sister Maria E. Maier Dietz and her husband George Daniel Dietz immigrated through New York on 14 Jul 1904. Six days earlier their daughter Catherine E. Dietz and her husband John George Koleber immigrated through Ellis Island, 8 Jul 1904. Catherine and George Koleber's daughter Amalia "Mollie" came with her parents through Ellis Island as a 20 month old. She married John Margheim, whose parents immigrated through Castle Garden in Dec 1886. 

I try to imagine the communications between these families with news of their move from Kratzke, Saratov, Russia, departing from the port of Liverpool and arriving in America, discussing work opportunities, housing possibilities etc. Family members really had to depend on each other for assistance. How I wish I'd discussed this with my grandmother when I had the chance!

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