Saturday, April 25, 2015

Another Mary Rebecca and her family's early days in Oregon

I've spent many hours in the last few weeks attaching records to my ancestors on the Family Tree at Last night I was working on the family in this chart below. At the top right you can see Rebecca Jennings (1819-1889), married to Samuel Daniels (1819-1905). 
While doing this important task, we can learn some good facts and details about our family. As I was attaching records to Samuel Daniels, I saw that he resided in Monroe, Allen, Ohio in 1850, then in Gentry County, Missouri in 1860. By 1870 his family was residing in Kirby, Josephine, Oregon. In the 1880 census his family were residents of Slate Creek, Josephine, Oregon. I started thinking about their moves and what was driving them westward. I wondered what Josephine County, Oregon was like in 1870. 
I found this wonderful web site
It offers this map of the area at that time.
The site gives us a good but brief history of that area in the mid to late 1800s. It's worth taking 5 minutes to read. In each of the censuses from 1850-1880 Samuel Daniels lists his occupation as Farmer. I can't help but think, however, that some kind of mining occupied his time also. 
The chart at the top of this post shows that Samuel and Rebecca (Jennings) Daniels's daughter Sarah Ann (1847-1919) married William Stringer about 1864 in Oregon. The photo above is taken from Josephine County's Historical Society "Passport to History" site. You can see that the caption says "Stringer was the name of the person who first built the Wilderville Store here (Josephine County). William Stringer fought in the Indian War as part of Company B in the Second Oregon Mounted Volunteers." This is a pretty good find! 

In the 1860 census at Linn, Oregon, the 26 year-old single William Stringer is living next door to his parents Bluford and Elmira Stringer. They are pictured below.
The chart below shows my relationship with William Stringer and Sarah Daniels, and specifically their daughter MARY REBECCA. Notice my full name is also MARY REBECCA (Margheim at bottom right). 
It's fun to find a cousin with my name who has ties to the early mining settlement days of Oregon. If only I could interview her!

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