Saturday, June 27, 2015

A Jamison Memoir in our Library Thanks to a News Clip

I recently renewed our subscription to, so I had to take a few minutes to "renew" some searches on the site. My initial search for "Jamison" in my husband's home state of Pennsylvania returned this result, among thousands: 
New Books, Memoirs of Samuel Shryock Jamison, Late States Senator
of Pennsylvania, by W. F. P. (Palmer), MacLaughlin Bros. 

I saw the name Samuel Shryock Jamison and remembered it from the research I've done on Larry's family. 
This chart shows that Maj. Samuel Shryock Jamison is the third great granduncle of my husband Larry Jamison. The man bears a common name in that family, as you can see Larry's great, great grandfather was so named. His 3rd great grandfather William "Thompson" Jamison named his son after his own brother, which was a common practice.

I read this news clip from the results on Genealogy
When I saw that a book was written of his memoirs, I searched for the book on Google Books. This is what I found. 
Notice "Ebook Free" in the red box at top left? Hooray!

I clicked on that red button, downloaded the pdf version of the book, chose "Send to Kindle" as my printer choice, and now have the whole book of the Memoirs of Samuel Shryock Jamison on my ipad!
Besides finding a newspaper article about Larry's 3rd great granduncle, we now also have the complete volume of his memoirs for our personal reading. Thank you to Genealogy, Google Books, the Kindle Reader and "Send to Kindle" apps! 

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