Saturday, September 19, 2015

Rosie and Flossie, two Beautiful Cousins in Fashionable Hats!

One of the treasured photos I received recently from my cousin's collection is this photo of my cousins Rose Ann "Rosie" Rowe and her sister Flora Mable "Flossie" Rowe, daughters of August and Matilda Mayer Rowe. 

These charts show how I'm related to these beautiful girls.

We can see that Rosie was born in 1894, while Flossie was born just a year later, in 1895.

I love the fashion these young women display and am most amused by the hats they're proudly wearing. What beautiful style!

An interesting side note is that, while I haven't known anything about either of these women, my research revealed the identity of Rosie's granddaughter. It happens that I was acquainted with her while I lived in Kansas in the late 1970s. My husband at that time was an electrical contractor engaged in wiring a log home for this granddaughter and her husband. It was a difficult project that caused a lot of discussion in our household. My research also revealed that this granddaughter was later married to a man who was my neighbor in the 1970s and 80s and who served as our attorney at that time. I usually cringe when people reply to me "It's a small world". But in this case, I have to say it myself. What a small world. I had no idea at that time that this granddaughter was a cousin of mine. 

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Michelle Ganus Taggart said...

I love this picture! Isn't amazing to find how connected we are to people at times without even realizing it. What an incredible blessing in your life to have such wonderful pictures !