Friday, October 23, 2015

Family Photo Fun

Over the past few years I've come into possession of a LOT of old family photos. I want to share a few that are just fun to look at and comment on. 
In the top photo are my mother and two of her brothers. From left you'll see Albert Flanders (1918-2002), Ruby Flanders (1925-1990) and Mervin Flanders (1921-2007). In the second photo I've posted a picture of my half-sister, the daughter of my mother and her second husband. She looks so much like our mother in the photo above. 

I have a lot of pictures from my mother's high school photo album that show her just out having fun with her friends. You can see above that she (Ruby Flanders 1925-1990) and her cousin Betty Flanders (1926-2010) are posing at a monument that I know is at Pawnee Rock, KS. 

Posted below are many pictures showing my mom having fun with cousins and friends on the railroad tracks, depot or on train cars! I guess in the early 1940s you'd have fun wherever you could find it!
Viola Haddon (1925-2006)
Annabelle Hoover (1927-2006)
Alice Haddon (1919-1992)
Cousins Alice Haddon and Viola Haddon
Mervin Flanders, my mother's brother and Stafford KS high school classmate Viola Hill
Annabelle Hoover and unknown (Maybe Betty Flanders) in this and the remaining photos. 
It's interesting to see what my mother and her friends did for fun, even while wearing the dresses which were their school attire. I'm lucky that they had cameras with them!

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